Clark County Teach One to Lead One Chapter


Thanks to everyone who came and helped us RACE FOR THE KIDS on Saturday.  It was another fantastic event and we are very appreciative to our volunteers and sponsors who…

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Community Service: 2013 – 2014

Community Service is central to the T1L1 program.  Clark County T1L1 students contributed hundreds of hours in community service during the 2013-2014 School year. Students in T1L1 are guided through planning and carrying out…

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Seventy F’s to three

When the T1L1 mentors began teaching the kids at Prairie High School in the Fall of 2012 they had no idea the impact they would make on the student's academic…

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Corey’s story

Each week as mentors stand in the gap for kids through role modeling healthy relationships, there are things that happen that should be celebrated. We celebrate Corey and his new…

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Supportive school staff

Teachers, school counselors, and administrators watch students grow and mature, but all too often the students they work with are struggling in some way. We appreciate all the school staff…

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