Corey’s story

Each week as mentors stand in the gap for kids through role modeling healthy relationships, there are things that happen that should be celebrated. We celebrate Corey and his new leadership development. The first few weeks, Corey made it clear to his mentors and peers that he was NOT a leader. After several weeks of the T1L1 program, Corey’s heart began to change. On one of the last Tuesday afternoon sessions of T1L1, Corey reportedly told his whole class that he resisted smoking marijuana with his friends that weekend and attributed it to his new knowledge of courage and self-control. That day the mentors celebrated his success of resisting drugs and they pointed out that he WAS a leader because of his influence on the other students in the T1L1 class.

Corey’s vision of himself as a leader changed that day, and for that, we celebrate his renewed heart to do the right thing even when no one is looking. Go Corey!


Heritage High School

Prairie High School

Laurin Middle School

Mill Plain Elementary School

Pioneer Elementary School