Supportive school staff

Travis Drake

Teachers, school counselors, and administrators watch students grow and mature, but all too often the students they work with are struggling in some way. We appreciate all the school staff throughout Clark County who walk alongside their students and provide support to those who are struggling in some way. The Clark County Chapter mentors and staff have been partnering with many of them since 2009. Bonnie Roggenkamp, who is a counselor at Prairie High School, recently noted that “all the counselors here at Prairie H.S. sincerely appreciate the interventions provided by the T1L1 mentors.”

Travis Drake, who is a Principal in the Battle Ground School District remarked about the Teach One to Lead One program that:

The students are genuinely interested and engaged in the sessions and that engagement wouldn’t exist if the mentors hadn’t established positive relationships in the previous sessions.

Here in Clark County we hope to continue supporting the work of school staff members like Bonnie and Travis at Prairie High School for years to come as they guide and protect students in our schools. Thank you school staff for all that you do to inspire the kids in our community here in Clark County!


Heritage High School

Prairie High School

Laurin Middle School

Mill Plain Elementary School

Pioneer Elementary School