Seventy F’s to threeF grade

When the T1L1 mentors began teaching the kids at Prairie High School in the Fall of 2012 they had no idea the impact they would make on the student’s academic performance. At the six-week progress report, one of the teachers reported that his forty students had a combined seventy F grades. The mentors and teacher […]

Supportive school staffTravis Drake

Teachers, school counselors, and administrators watch students grow and mature, but all too often the students they work with are struggling in some way. We appreciate all the school staff throughout Clark County who walk alongside their students and provide support to those who are struggling in some way. The Clark County Chapter mentors and […]

Corey’s story

Each week as mentors stand in the gap for kids through role modeling healthy relationships, there are things that happen that should be celebrated. We celebrate Corey and his new leadership development. The first few weeks, Corey made it clear to his mentors and peers that he was NOT a leader. After several weeks of […]

2013 Rotary grant

The Vancouver Rotary Foundation held a Grant Luncheon on September 25th and Teach One to Lead One® Clark County Chapter was a recipient. Thank you, Rotarians, for investing in the kids of Clark County through the T1L1 program. The grant this year will help offset the program costs by providing the student materials for an […]